Thursday, 12 January 2012


if you could see the state of my desk, and how I have to push away the debris to get to the keyboard to type, you would think I was a very strange person indeed.. I started this other blog as I couldnt seem to get onto the original, so if this is left to lie fallow its because I now am able to write on the other blog which is called Sawley Express..

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

new set up

#for whatever reason, the last blog would not open, so have started another with a new name.. Uruhu.. I know its spelt wrongly, but hey never mind... at least I can blog again...I am staying in the house as they  have to take the car away again to refit another tyre that keeps going down... this is second time this week its going in, and its a real pain not to be able to get out and about... I am amazed at the clever writing that people do on their blogs and will attempt to bring mine up to speed soon... its boring at the moment..